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Alex Nordenson of Soundpruf | Interview | Ear Coffee Podcast

The company has even partnered with the band Last Import as part of its launch. It was this love of music and drive to support young acts that attracted the band.

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Last Blast of Summer for Buzzing Twin Cities Rock Trio Last Import

“Playing in a real rock ’n’ roll band is something all three members of Last Import have been working hard for since they were preteens, when they started honing their craft at the all-girls music camp She Rock She Rock.”

Last Import Caps Off ‘Fast Times’ Tour with Vibrant Performance in Minneapolis

“The “Fast Times” tour featured many noteworthy moments, including their Direct-To-Vinyl recording at Leesta Vall in Brooklyn and subsequent visit to Times Square, as well as drummer Jane Halldorson’s quest to meet Bam Margera in West Chester, Pennsylvania, which featured an impromptu visit to “Castle Bam” where she did end up meeting the former professional skateboarder and Jackass star.

The Future is Bright: Yam Haus, Early Eyes, & Last Import Put On A Show To Remember at Fine Line

“What if I told you that, on one night, three acts that are sure to be selling out venues across the country within three years were all on one bill, and more importantly, that they all call the greater Twin Cities Metro area home?”

Last Import is Making a Scene!

“Do you know who is Making A Scene!”

Last Import Launches Unique Vinyl Project

“Few young bands in the crowded Twin Cities music scene are working harder or making more progress than the all-female pop punk band Last Import.”

Last Import - "Last Import" | Album Review

“This album's power allows it to stand shoulder to shoulder with their more punk contemporaries, but it's their melodic hooks that make the band accessible to a wide range of people.”

Review and Photos: Last Import celebrate their debut album with a sold-out show at 7th St Entry

“If you have the chance to see Last Import live, I wouldn’t pass up on it — but until their next show I’ll be in my room, headphones on, bobbing around to a masterful and infectious debut album.”

Last Import Sells Out Album Release. Dance Party At The Entry.

“Last Import is everything that makes what’s coming up the pipe musically in this town so great.”

Last Import Releases Self-Titled Debut; Celebrates With a Fiery Performance at The Entry

“These ladies obviously have a very, very long career ahead of them, and we will certainly be seeing the name ‘Last Import’ on marquees for years to come.!”

Turf Club Replacements Tribute Shines A Light on the Strength of the Local Scene

“This three piece line up is at the forefront of a burgeoning punk girl scene in town”

Together since their teens, Last Import sound all grown up on their new EP

"Surf-punk trio Last Import was formed when its members were barely old enough to drive."

Last Import on musical influences, Minnesota venues, and recording their debut EP

"For most college students, late spring becomes a flurry of activity as assignments pop up left and right and the end of the academic year looms just over the horizon. However, the members of Last Import don’t seem too fazed as they balance school with recording new music, gigging around Minnesota, and competing in the University of Minnesota’s Battle of the Bands."

Electric Fetus 50th Anniversary Party, feat. Real Estate, at First Avenue, Minneapolis (09 June 2018)

"The new-ish band, with their garage-y sound will fit well with other Minneapolis girl bands like Kitten Forever."

No Mirrors, No Apologies

"Last Import, a Minneapolis surf punk trio, didn't meet at a bar or college. Nope. They met at an all-female rock school called "Girls Rock n Roll Retreat" or GRRR. KFAI's Ryan Dawes reports that GRRR helped instill Last Import members with a loud, punk confidence."

The Shackletons and Friends cure the Wednesday Blues at The Triple Rock

"With x’s on their hands, there was an undeniable youthful energy to this surf punk-esque trio. Their energy was absolutely contagious – with the room dancing and singing along to song after song. Frontwoman Emily Bjorke was a force to be reckoned with. Her vocals layered perfectly over the DIY garage rock sound of Grace Baldwin on bass and Jane Halldorson (of Johnny Yuma) on drums. There was a very Hole/Courtney Love or Sleater Kinney vibe to these girls that was absolutely infectious. We’re excited to see more from Last Import."