The First Few Days on Tour

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!

We are currently in our car 3 hours out of our show tonight in Pittsburgh, PA . So far our car ride today has included an accidental drive through at a bank that we mistook as a Wells Fargo, making a tour playlist on our Spotify, and munching on kettle corn. We are only a few days into our east coast tour, but we are all having a great time being on the road together and playing our music for everyone.

We kicked off our tour at Moon Palace Books in our hometown of Minneapolis. Initially, we weren’t sure if it would be better for us to start or end our tour in our home of the Twin Cities, but considering how much fun we had and how warmly we were sent off, we are looking forward to another warm greeting when we arrive home. 

We all ended up getting back to our homes to pack in the early hours in the morning, only to wake up a few hours later and hit the road. We made it to our show at Subterranean in Chicago and were once again greeted warmly by another midwestern city. We have come close many times to playing in Chicago because of the short drive, but decided to wait until we could include more cities for the ride. After the show, we headed an hour out of town to sleep at Jane’s family’s place and all caught up on some much needed sleep.

The following morning we woke up and had breakfast, accompanied with all of us holding chickens (and seeing how they poop) for the first time. After we packed our bags and awkwardly passed chickens to one another before they bawked and got pissed at us, we hit the road towards Detroit. This was a couple of our first experiences in the city of Detroit, but we quickly fell in love with the history, music, and community that Detroit welcomed us into. We played a 30 minute set at PJ’s Lager House and enjoyed shopping at a cute record store/thrift store conveniently located downstairs. Jane and Grace both found some pretty sweet jackets there that we’re sure will make an appearance throughout the tour on cooler nights. We also decided since this is the hometown of the infamous ICP, that we would pull an Arctic Monkeys and wear clown makeup on stage. It really added to the ambiance of our album and was super fun. It was also Pride weekend in the city, so the skyline driving out of the show was beautifully lit up with rainbows. 

We made it back to a hotel that night and spent the night celebrating the tour as just the three of us, accompanied with a couple of bottles of Rosé, American Ninja Warrior, a facetime with Weezer’s Brian Bell, and rock paper scissor battles for the beds. At 3 in the morning, we also decided it would be a good idea to fill up a bathtub with hot water and soap and all three of us jam into it. The pool was closed, so we had to make do with what we could. Soon thereafter, we hit the hay.

Between then and checkout, we all were pretty exhausted. We loaded our gear back into the car and headed back to Detroit to try a restaurant called Slow’s Barbeque, also known as Emily’s favorite restaurant ever. We can all agree after eating there that the food lived up to the expectation and we enjoyed every bite just as much as we enjoyed being back in the city. We then went to the Third Man Records’ Detroit plant and shopped around for a while and napped. Then we made our way on our shortest drive of the trip. 

We reached Fort Wayne an hour later than expected after a big accident occurred and left us stuck in one spot in traffic for over an hour. It did give us time to stretch our legs and catch some vlog footage outside of the car in the sunshine. We then made it to Fort Wayne and quickly headed to the venue for load in. Fort Wayne is the one city on the tour besides our hometown of Minneapolis that we had played in previously. We were welcomed back by people who came to our first performance over a year ago in their Last Import gear. Jane was also excited to see a poster on the wall of her friends the Glorious Sons. Long story short, it was safe to say the people of Fort Wayne proved they were nothing short of supportive and lovely to us. 

After the show, we headed home for the night, picked up some fries and mozzarella sticks, and hit the hay. 

Zoom forward to this morning. Since writing this, we are now just over 3 hours from the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh where we play tonight along with some other great bands. So far so good for the tour, and we are looking forward to the show tonight and for New York tomorrow! Thanks for the read, your listens, and your support for us on our tour. We love you all and look forward to writing to you again soon! Be sure to stay updated on our website/social medias!


Last Import.

Jane Halldorson