New York!! (6.12 & 6.13)

The past few days have been so surreal. This is what tour is all about; meeting new people, playing shows in front of those amazing people, and making your dreams come true.

We’ll start in New York. We left SUPER early on the 12th, but when we arrived in Brooklyn it was about 1:30 PM. We went to Emily’s cousin’s house – where we were staying. We had to lug EVERYTHING up four flights of stairs to his apartment. Thankfully we did not have to move much until we left on the 14th. 

After dropping everything off, we set out to find parking by our radio interview at KPISS! Grace was a godsend with parking Anita (our Expedition) in the busy streets of New York.

After our interview, we drove back through the streets of Brooklyn – thinking only of the Disney musical, Newsies. Emily’s cousin found us an AMAZING parking spot right in front of his apartment, which we stayed parked at the entire time we were in New York.

Flash forward to us dragging our equipment onto the Subway to get to the gig; probably the most punk way to get to a show.

We load into Sunnyvale and are immediately greeted by a herd of the most amazing people. All of the staff members and bands were the most fantastic people. The sound guy actually had an album put out by Bob Mould!

Shows like Sunnyvale are the reason we love playing shows so much. You never know how people in other cities are going to react to your music, but when it’s a great reaction it makes the whole trip worthwhile.

All of the bands were SO different and SO absolutely talented. The bartender even said that this was one of the first shows in a long time where he LOVED every single band that played. Brooklyn was DEFINETLY a city we will be back to soon, not just because it’s New York, but because of all the amazing people we met there and all the fun we had.

Jane Halldorson