The Day Jane Met Bam Margera

This was the show that really prompted me to book the route we did. I have LOVED Bam Margera, CKY, Jackass, and Bloodhound Gang for TOO long – since I was in like 5thgrade probably. I’ve had April’s number for YEARS, had met Jess Margera at a CKY show, had a video of Phil saying Merry Christmas to me, but never anything with Bam – my all-time biggest crush and love.

A few weeks prior to tour I paid for him to say he loved me and that was going to come to my show when we played West Chester. (Click the photo to the right to watch the Cameo video)

Back to June 14th. We arrived at my old coworker, Andrew’s, house in Downington, PA – about 20 minutes from West Chester. Everyone got settled in, and I immediately was ready to go to Castle Bam. Andrew and I hopped in Anita and headed towards Castle Bam, stopping at Rita’s for ice cream on the way.

When we arrived at Castle Bam there was a full fence and gate with an intercom next to it. We drove up to the intercom and rang the house. Phil answered and asked what was up, and I just said “Could I meet Bam?”, and he said “Ok!” and let us right in – later I was given the code to just open the gate myself.

At this point I’m just shaking. We park the car and start walking to the Skate Barn. 


I could not breath after meeting Bam. The whole time we were there I was just laughing hysterically and afterwards, back in the car, I cried for a bit. The HAPPIEST of tears. Meeting Bam was something I never thought I’d ever get to do. It was pretty much unattainable. But now I’m invited back whenever I want.

After leaving Castle Bam the first time, Andrew and I went and unloaded all the gear at the venue. Once we were all loaded in, Andrew dropped me off at Mike from Backwoods Playback’s house, so I could go back to Castle Bam with him and his wife.

Mike and Jess are the COOLEST people I’ve met in a long. Both in killer bands, both the FUNNEST people ever, and both just so nice and welcoming.

 I’d been messaging back and forth with Mike for a while before we got to West Chester – just about Bam and how I wanted to meet him and just being a complete fangirl to him. I was delighted when I finally met Mike in person that he didn’t think I was absolutely NUTS (but I am, and he knew that mostly I’m sure).

 The three of us hop in their car and head back to the Castle where we were greeted by Bam; a bunch of skateboarders; his wife and child, Nikki & Phoenix; and some other pals. We hung out with them all for a few hours, just hanging out and drinking beers. Watching skateboarders and Phoenix drive around in his little Jeep.

After leaving Castle Bam we headed to the venue. This was at about 8:00 PM. We met more people at the restaurant next door, but Mike and I went to get some sushi before the show!

Mike is just an older dude version of me in almost every single way, he said it himself. He is definitely one of the best friends I’ve made on this tour so far, and we’ve already talked about me coming back to West Chester to stay with him and Jess.


Flash forward to our show, where Jess Margera from CKY shows up. I wore my CKY shirt just for that exact situation. Jess is an awesome dude, and his wife, Kelly, is the sweet woman. He bought a bunch of merch and we traded hats.

After our set Jess came up to me and gave me a hug. Him being the drummer of CKY made me VERY nervous about playing in front of him, but he said I was like a female Bonham and loved it so much. He even said that when CKY comes to the Midwest again that we have to play with them for all those dates.


My dreams came true in West Chester, PA on June 14th, 2019. I met people who I have dreamt of meeting since I was in 5th grade, who I’ve LOVED and sobbed over for years, who I’ve watched on TV and in movies and just wished I was there and hanging out with them all. I got to do all of that in West Chester.

I think that’s also the worst thing about touring; going to cities and meeting these people who you never want to leave, falling in love with places you go and wish you had more time there to explore and hang out with your new friend. It’s truly the greatest feeling in the world, and I hope I get to do this forever – hopefully with some of these amazing people that I’ve met along the way.

Jane Halldorson